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The Period Project

We are joining the fight to help end period poverty  by getting essential products and educational resources to individuals in need. 

The Period Project is a mobile menstrual health pantry that's designed to help provide menstrual health products, menstrual health education, and related support to girls and women in need.

This project aligns with our purpose and efforts to assist with and promote healthy lifestyles, provide healthy lifestyle education, building confidence of others, and assisting others with necessities during their time of need.

For many women and young girls, a menstrual cycle is a reoccurring and natural part of their everyday lives. Having to go without the proper resources, education, or support during this time due to financial difficulties is something no woman or girl should have to endure.

Research and studies have shown that several women and girls across the world and right here in our backdoor go without feminine hygiene products at least once a year due to financial hardships and other reasons. Younger girls are also traumatized by their lack of knowledge and proper resources when experiencing their menstrual cycle for the first time.

The Mobile Menstrual Health Pantry will help address these issues and more. The pantry is designed to rotate through various cities and communities throughout Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Missouri providing menstrual health products, menstrual health education, and menstrual health related support to women and girls in need. We also provide monthly menstrual health education sessions. Click here to sign up today.


With your assistance and gracious support this pantry could reach and support several girls and women in need of this support throughout the state and more.

These necessary items and education are not provided or covered by other assistance programs. This leaves countless women without products and resources that many of us take for granted.  Please join our organization and others in the fight to end period poverty by getting essential products and menstrual health education to individuals in need. 

Show Your Support: 

1. Give a Monetary Donation (Click Here)

2. Donate Menstrual Health Supplies. (Contact Us)

We are in need of the following items:

Maxi Pads (all sizes), Panty Liners (all sizes), Tampons (all sizes), Feminine Wipes

Thank You for Your Support!

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