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Welcome to our resource library. Our inspired resources are great for your quiet time community, healing, growth, leadership development, and inspiring your journey to a healthier lifestyle. 


What happens when you choose joy? This 7 day challenge is designed to help you develop a mindset for choosing JOY in spite of what's going on around you. Download,  print, keep and share!

Journey  Resource


What I Believe, I Become. What I Believe, I Can Do. These daily affirmations are great reminders for your daily leadership Journey. Download and print on cardstock, cut out, keep some for yourself and share with others.  

Journey  Resource

Personal Bible Study-Jonah 1_ 1-3.png

A Closer look at obedience. This Study is designed to assist you with unpacking Jonah 1: 1-3. It's great for a personal study or small group. Click the picture or title to purchase this resource in our shop. 

*Journey Plus Resource


A 5 Day Focus Journal Challenge that's designed to help you reflect on your finances as well as set financial goals. Click the picture or the title above to access this printable resource. 

Journey Resource

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