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Five Quick Tips for Creating a Spring-Inspired Home

Updated: May 10

What do you like most about spring?

One of my many likes is creating a spring home and office that welcomes the seasonal changes. Spring is also a reminder of fresh starts, God's presence, and transformations; although winter was long and hard, newness is on the way.

There is a time and purpose for everything. From the landscape changes to the beautiful sights and sounds in the air, we are truly thankful for Spring and other changes we have patiently waited for.

With all these beautiful changes happening outside, making changes inside the home is a great way to rejuvenate and welcome a season of new and exciting transformations as well. Read below to explore five budget-friendly tips you can try this year to create a spring-inspired home.

Tip #1 - Plant an indoor vegetable garden

Planting an indoor garden can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be. As shared by Amy Stewart, "Hope is one of the essential tools of a farmer or gardener." This fun project can incorporate the likes of everyone in the family and can instantly elevate the scenery around your home, especially when colorful pots of different sizes are used. Start by identifying which vegetables you want to plant (ex., Carrots, tomatoes, onions, herbs, etc.), gather your pots, select the right indoor soil (your garden store team can help with this), plant and water your seeds, and remember to adjust the location of the pots as needed to make sure they are getting the right amount of sunlight.

"Hope is one of the essential tools of a farmer or gardener.” —Amy Stewart

Tip #2 - Declutter

Yes, declutter, declutter, declutter! Find a space to store things you use regularly and daily. Think of this as finding a home or space inside your home for everything. Be open to donating or throwing away things you no longer need and use. Use baskets, bins, and shelves to store paper, mail, cords, books, and more.

Tip #3 - Set out a vase of fresh flowers

Grab your favorite vase or a mixture of vases with different patterns and colors. Add some fresh flowers from your garden, a flower stand, your local flower market, or grocery store, and some water and place it in your favorite location inside your home. Change the flowers out as needed, and don’t be afraid to mix and match flower types and colors or add some extra greenery to make your arrangements stand out.

Tip #4 - Add art to your space

Adding art is a great way to promote positivity and add inspiration to your space. If you have been saving to buy a piece of art from your favorite artist, now is a great time to purchase it. If you are crafty and have the extra time, you can also create an original artistic masterpiece by purchasing art supplies from your local craft store. Create something bright and bold, or coordinate colors to match your current décor.

Tip #5 - Refresh your decor

Lastly, refreshing your décor is another way to make refreshing changes for the spring throughout your home. This could include rearranging furniture, adding new curtains, or completely remodeling your living space. If you are pressed for time, consider just adding vibrant colored pillows and chair throws throughout the home and possibly on the patio as well. Target, Walmart, and TJ Max have a variety of unique items. You can also check out your local thrift or home store for unique options.

Small changes can make a significant impact, and it's perfectly okay if your spring-inspired home consists of just opening the windows and listening to the birds sing. Also, when it comes to fresh starts this season, remember the importance of hope and thanking God for a renewed heart.

What are your plans for creating a spring-inspired home? Share in the comments below.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1


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